Rim to Rim Club Founder  Michelle Delloso hiked Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon in August 2010 with one of her closest friends Sandy Schey Frenia.  Michelle committed to the Rim to Rim hike after losing her father to an illness.   Michelle wanted to honor her father’s last breaths, as well as those of many others, by taking on the “climb”.  The hike brought much comfort as they talked about life, goals & perspective.  It also became a spiritual refuge during the quiet times.  Like many that hike Rim to Rim, several new friends were made and Michelle wanted to offer a place where they could all re-connect, reflect, and share what this experience meant for each of them. The experience, adventure & perspective the Grand Canyon can offer an individual is priceless.  Our website & club are a dedication to those that have followed their soul’s calling to take on this hike while offering a constant awareness that tomorrow is never promised.  Here’s to your climb!