Rim to Rim Club® Members

Some photos of our club members and the dates they completed this epic hike as less than 1% of all visitors to the Grand Canyon take on and complete the Rim to Rim hike.


Janet Hoffmann, Larry Hoffmann, Sally Buchanan, Katie Averdick and Jenna Hoffmann – October 22, 2016


Kitty Moran – October 21-23, 2016


Yves Steinbach – September 12-14, 2016


James LaJeunesse – August 18-20, 2016


Beth Martin & Group – October 4, 2016


Preston Fry & Daughter Jill – May 17, 2016


Tax Ifornia – October 2, 2016 (and multiple other times)


Cathy Stork with her son Will Stork – October 2012


Tom Angstadt, Regina Angstadt, Jamie Reading, Cheyenne Reihman, Julie Lurwick, Traci Rocco, Paul Cochran, Tiffany Larsen – September 25, 2016


Dennis Ahl and Daughter Shalyse Ahl – September 26, 2013

heading-out-of-bright-angel-trail-at-dawn-june-16-2016   down-north-kaibab-trail-june-15-2016

Ann Almond, Beatrice Torres and Pam Buehler – June 15-16, 2016


Susan Whitbourne – September 8-9, 2016


Steve – September 14, 2016


Frank Huntley – June 16 & 17, 2016


Carla Crossfield, Callie Paddock, Louise Hensley, Linda Rice, Nora Warman, and Caroline Jones, Aug 25-27, 2016

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Deanna Grange & Friends May 21, 2016

14492614_10206145896720555_6852329968709555207_n   14479587_10157601366695352_7693675957034004504_n

Amy & David Marotz and Robert J Marotz – 9-25-16


Alli Holmberg, Annette Schwab, Tonya Zunigha, Krista Parham, Barb Holmberg, Mary Beth Hetrick, Diane Sachs, Mary Ann Summers, Sara Smith, Dawn Jacobson, Cortney Jacobson Keener, Janie Brady, Beckah Brady Reick, Hillary Jacobson Raubach – May 16, 2016


Sarah Klein, James Danoff-Burg and Abby Caschetta – May 21-22, 2016


Jan and Wendy Nishikawa – June 11, 2016


William and Lee Rambo – June 18-19, 2015


Mike and Chris Bassett – September 12-15, 2016

Naresh D Koka, Vivek Agarwal, Manish Gupta, Vishal Garg & Anil Madhireddy – 9-25-16


Gerry and Steve Burrows – September 22, 2016


Alan & Matt Freed, Pittsburgh, PA – July 11-14, 2016


Linh Le – September 24, 2016


Breland Atkinson – September 12, 2016


Elisa Ramirez, Jason Snyder, Michael Zaunbrecher – October 2, 2015


Sue Markovitch – September 2016


Mark and Amber Koester – October 22, 2015


Laura Vanni-Kelly – October 15, 2015

14463117_10210710045690435_8788401214182330637_n   14516600_10210710049730536_5739338471601793312_n

Shane Poupart & Group 2016


Katy O’Grady and Diana Wenners – July 22, 2016


Joe, Cathy & Leigh Anne Stork- October 2009


Melissa and Kristen – August 22-August 24, 2016


Mirella S Vela‎ – September 2016


Jessica Rozek & Group – 2016


Josh McFadden – September 24, 2016


Dee Miller – 2016


Ann Rochford Schrooten & Group – September 2016


Susan Anderson – July 2016


Hai Chen – July 2016

14462964_10210796536773429_3433563007866238144_n   14492337_10210796496532423_4966153372734723014_n

Erin Moore – October 10, 2015 & June 9, 2016


Kurt and Kelly – September 26, 2016


Annamarie Darnell and Samuel Sarmiento – September 19-21, 2016


Candice Knuteson, Doug Norman, Jesse Norman, Calvin Norman, Jessica Rozek, Darlene Geiger Maternowski – May 21, 2016


Entera Graves, Austin Garrett Lumley, Madison Reed, Crystal Herren Norman , Ladd and Tori Jane – July 11-13, 2016

Dale Menke, Bridget Hermann Menke, Lara Allison Menke, Patrick Menke – May 2016

14432965_10210656780686775_6458089946170662969_n   14440949_10210656851928556_7230072504907050292_n

Shelly Maughan, Kimberly Thomas Lee & Thomas Braxton Medina – October 2014 & 2015

14462751_1298336570200980_7509208773502368260_n   14470502_1298335950201042_3222254234927097214_n

Chris Ault – 2011 & 2016


Peter Bond – June 1, 2001


Solomon Ratt, June 30 – July 3, 2015


Kathy Ballinger & Family 2016


Pam Johnson Rowland 6-3-15


Rita Lewandowski – Oct. 2008


Miranda Bruno 5-16-16


Fran Cardaci 5-16-16


Paolo & Michela Oct. 2014


Paul Holway 5-17-08


Robert Mirque & Sons 5-19-16


Debbie Degutis 9-2015


Kenny Collins – May 2014


Anthony Birks – 9-2002


Tim Straub – 2010


Patricia & George Manning, 1986


Ana Montano 5-29-15


Lee & Leo Hoedl, Chuck Fabijanic 7-28-15


Heidi Stoltz 10-2-15


Markus & Silke – September 9-12, 2013


Regina Angstadt – 9-6-14


Christine Wheeldon – May 2014


Leo & Timothy Tomczak 7-22-15


Bob Thurman 10-14-11


Colleen Forster 9-27-15


Karen Walsh – October 2013 and 2015


Pooja Babbrah – October 2013


Scott Jakovics – July 2005


Amanda Barbur – September 2015


Judy Marsh 5-27-05


Larry & Cory Maxfield 10-21-15


Amber Koester (October 2015)


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  1. Regina R. Angstadt says:

    My 2nd rim to rim with 3 of the same from my 1st group and 4 new rim to rimers. We started 9/22/16 in pouring rain, and it rained all day, until we got to Cottonwood. My husband always wondered what the desert looks like in a downpour, and he saw it first hand. The waterfalls on the North Kaibab trail were beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It’s almost surreal when you are navigating these obstacles, just doing what needs to be done, as safely as possible. We did this trip in a more leisurely pace, adding an extra day of camping so we could enjoy Ribbon Falls and Plateau Point, and it was perfect! We made the trip to Ribbon Falls on day 2, and were so pleased that we went all the way to the falls. DO NOT mistake your first view as all encompassing. The few extra minutes to get to the base and then the top, and then inside, is soooo worth it! We camped at Bright Angel the 2nd night, and participated in the a ranger led discussion about our National Parks, it was a nice way to pass time, and view the expansive night sky, truly a life altering experience in itself. The Colorado River crossing and Devil’s Corkscrew were so much easier with that 2nd night of camping. My 1st hike, we skipped Bright Angel, and the 12+ miles on day 2 were a little too much for our group. Indian Gardens, the lush oasis was camp for night 3. Again a ranger led discussion about the animal species in the Canyon helped pass some time, and was informative. Plateau Point at sunset has been on my bucket list since the first time a viewed that trail from the South Rim in 2004. Again, so peaceful and beautiful. A bucket list is a must have, when you start crossing off those experiences, it’s a feeling that is inexpiable. My husband actually cried after seeing the Studio at the top of the Bright Angel trail, it was on his bucket list to complete this hike. It made me happy for him and all the others in my group, and the others who have undertaken the task of crossing off a bucket list item. The Grand Canyon hike however, will not be crossed off of our lists, we will return again and again, keep exploring it’s beauty, and finding peace in the hike.

    • Regina,

      Congratulations to you and the group and what a pleasure it was to meet you! We have no doubt you will be back enjoying this canyon as many times as you can and so happy to hear the weather cleared up for you!

  2. Back in June 1990, my husband and I and a friend hiked Rim to Rim (North to South) in 13 hours. We did take a short break to cool our feet in the Colorado River. It was awesome!!! We have hiked the Grand Canyon five times (South Rim – usually down the Kaibab, over night at the Phantom Ranch, and then up the Bright Angel). We wish that everyone could enjoy this experience.

  3. Mike Bassett says:

    My son and I hiked North (North Kaibab) to South (Bright Angel Trail) staying one night each at Cottonwood, Bright Angel and Indian Garden Campgrounds (4 day and 3 night hike) – 9/12 through 9/15. Highest temp was about 90, lots of shade, almost constant breezes. 7 miles / 7 miles / 5 miles / 5 miles to complete the hike. We passed through the “box” and kept wondering when we would experience the “heat”. Hiked primarily from 8 am to about 11:30 or noon each day and relaxed the rest with side hikes (Plateau Point, River Trail, Ribbon Falls, Roaring Springs). A very pleasant hike – a “walk in the park” it seemed. MUCH, MUCH easier than our one day hike of Mount Whitney a few years ago!

  4. In 2011, three moms and their 14-year old kids did the R2R, north to south. The kids finished in 10 hours. The moms took about an hour longer. We laughed, we cried and we did the “canyon shuffle” for a few days afterwards. The experience was so worth our sore muscles. I’ve been wanting to repeat ever since.

  5. Jim Taylor says:

    Completed my 10th and 11 R2R hikes in May 2016, hiking every time with a great trail companion and friend. Each crossing special in it’s own way, we have gotten to know the trail very well and appreciate the spectacular views and overlooks each time we pass. The trail has gotten a bit more crowded each season, R2R hikers are the always great to talk with at the rest stops along the trail. Planning for 2017!!

  6. Christine Ault says:

    My husband and I hiked Rim to Rim 5 years ago, after 3 completions of Rim to River/back trips, each a different variety. In 2012, we did what we thought would be our last GC hike, looking forward to a completion of the Appalachian Trail in upcoming years. Last year, we set out on our AT adventure, my husband loving it; me, not so much. I left the trail after only 5 days. I kept thinking that this is not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in the Canyon.

    So this year, as my husband sets out for his 2nd section of the AT, I decided to fulfill my life-long dream of hiking the Canyon alone. I wanted time for meditation, a little Tai Chi, and solitude in the most beautiful place on earth. I knew a good friend of mine loved solitary adventures in nature as well, so we are heading out this May. We plan on hiking alone, but will love the company at the campgrounds as we will be hiking VERY slowly to soak in everything the canyon has to offer. Five heavenly days before walking out.

    The Canyon is calling and I MUST go.

    • Love this and exactly how we feel about this hike over other bucket list hikes. There’s nothing like this place and you can be one with the canyon without all of the “worry”. Here’s to a great 5 days in it for you and your friend in May. Some of us may just want to jump in your backpack as this sounds like an AWESOME TRIP!

  7. Norm Levy says:

    I did my first of three R-R-R in 2005 to celebrate my 65th birthday. Afterwards I decided that I would do another every five years to honor these special occasions. This year I completed my third to mark my 75th. Look for me again in 2020. I’ll be the fellow with a smile on my face every step of the way. Sorry no pictures, I like to live in the moment.

    • You are awesome Norm! Will be looking for you in 2020!

    • We hiked R to R on September 19, 2015 with a gentlemen hiking R to R on his 75th birthday. Just wondering if that was you? Very impressed either way!

    • Tom Pellinger says:

      Congrats, Sir! First time at 65, wow! I’m only 69 and am preparing for my third R2R; the first was in 1977, the second in 2002 and my next (and final, I’m sure) one will be late Sept or early Oct this year. All 3 will have been one-day ordeals (the first South to North…yikes!), the second North to South, and the coming one will also be North to South (I learn more as I get older). Best wishes to all who do this jewel in the crown of hiking!
      Tom P

  8. Carolyn Lewis says:

    Great review and ideas! Thanks from another 50 + hiker:)

  9. With a group of twelve from Minnesota, we hiked from the North Rim to the South Rim and then drove to Hualapai Hilltop to hike to Supai and the series of Havasu waterfalls for a total of 64 miles.

    Our trip: The Trifecta
    Six couples, in their 50s, flew from Minneapolis to Phoenix on a beautiful Friday morning in mid-September 2014. Spent Friday night at Bright Angel Lodge at the South Rim.

    Saturday morning took a pre-arranged shuttle to the North Rim. Stopped at Lee’s Ferry, enjoyed the scenery, and purchased some turquoise jewelry from the roadside vendors. Spent Saturday night in the Western Cabins (reserved in September 2013) at the Grand Canyon Lodge. Had a wonderful meal in the lodge restaurant (reserved in January 2014). Hiked a bit at the North Rim and wished we could have spent an extra night.

    Bright and early Sunday morning took the shuttle from the lodge to the North Kaibab trail head. We hiked to Ribbon Falls for lunch and then to Phantom Ranch to spend two nights. The hike down North Kaibab was the most difficult of the entire trip due to the heat and length and our 50+-year old knees. However, Bright Angel Creek was a god-send for anyone who needed some cooling off. Plopping in the creek with full gear (shoes and clothes) minus our backpacks, make for some of the best memories of our trip.

    Took day hikes on Monday within the canyon and spent more time soaking in Bright Angel Creek which felt wonderful due to the 100 (in the shade) degree temps – even in September. Meals at Phantom Ranch (reserved September 2, 2013) were wonderful. Several in our group saw a pink rattlesnake on the trail; a fuzzy tarantula in the lady’s shower room which was smaller and blacker than what we’ve seem in the past in Texas and Oklahoma; and many scorpions right outside the ranch and our cabins thanks to the black light flashlight that we carried with us to find them.

    Hiked from Phantom Ranch across the Colorado River to Bright Angel Trail before sunrise Tuesday morning with head-lamps. Took a detour to Plateau Point and were fortunate to view two pairs of California Condors. Spent much of the day at the 3-mile rest house before arriving at the South Rim due to one of our hikers getting vocal cord dysfunction (we learned this from Belgium hikers who recently graduated from med school there) which required a 9-1-1 emergency call. The park ranger and park volunteer who came to the rescue were awesome and eventually we were able to continue to the South Rim in the late afternoon shade. Spent Tuesday evening celebrating over dinner, drinks and a good night’s sleep at Bright Angel Lodge.

    Wednesday morning we ate a hearty breakfast at the lodge and then drove 188 miles to Hualapai Hilltop (had a wonderful lunch in Seligman on the way) and hiked 9 miles to our lodge in Supai. Loved the dusty, native American town where there were more ponies and dogs than people. Checked into the Havasupai Lodge (reserved in December 2013) after a hearty meal at Sinyella’s (no advance reservations required).

    Thursday was the best day ever – hiking to the falls – Navajo, Havasu, and Mooney (personal favorite). Spent an amazing day lounging in the blue-green water and falls. Ate dinner again at Sinyella’s and had their wonderful fry bread, fry bread tacos, and fry bread burgers. What more could we ask?

    Friday morning hiked 9 miles from our Supai lodge back to the hilltop for our journey home. Started before sunrise (best thing we learned from our hike – do it in the dark!) and were back to the hilltop by 9:00 am. Waiting for one our of 12 to arrive via helicopter, we purchased chips, bananas, pickles, and drinks from the hilltop vendor (thank you!). We drove back to Phoenix, stopping again in Seligman for lunch, for the flight home to Minneapolis on Saturday morning.

    Trip of a lifetime!!!!

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